The Call of the Wild
Book Review

Jack London's classic, The Call of the Wild, is a must read for every boy and girl. Button up your coat and be prepared to be taken on a reading journey to Alaska and the gold rush with Buck!

Title: "The Call of the Wild"
Author: Jack London, condensed version
Hardcover: pages, 181
Publisher: Dalmation Press
Summary: (as stated on the bookcover)

"This is the story of a dog whose life is changed forever. Kidnapped from his sunny California home, Buck is taken to the cold, hard world of the Klondike.

"Buck is hitched into the traces of a dog sled, but the traces cannot hold his spirit, his will, or his true nature - to be wild - to be free."

Reviewer: Sam, age 9

I just finished reading this book (the condensed version). It only took me about two hours to read. Once I started I couldn't stop. Maybe that was because the book was so good and it had so much detail. It was very good because of all the work the dogs had to do to pull the sleds in the snow. There were about 6 or 7 dogs on a dog sled team. Buck was the main dog in the story. He's really good at pulling the sleds and he becomes the leader.

Buck went through many owners. His favorite was John Thornton. I think he liked him the most because he was the kindest. This is a very good book that tells about friendship, hard work, adventure and the feeling of love between a dog and an owner that treats him good. Boys and girls of all ages would love to read this book.

By Sam, (with a little help from Mom)

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